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A Week of Protests

We were there at daybreak to let the Amazon Warrior, a brute of a ship designed to tow massive arrays of seismic airguns, know that it was unwelcome.

The Amazon Warrior seismic vessel is unwelcome along our beautiful coast

Gwede Mantashe, Minster for Minerals and Energy, is hell bent on a gas driven economy. The problem with this is that we are behind the curve. We have neither the market nor the infrastructure established for it and very few power stations capable of being converted. This means we’re 15-20 years away from that economy at best. We do however have a growing renewable sector that is becoming viable cost-wise. Also the unabated use of natural gas is incompatible with achieving the climate-neutrality objective by 2050. Its use will have to be reduced by over 70 % of current use in 2021. Studies show further development of gas infrastructure is incompatible with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) target of keeping global increases in temperature below 2°C . This all begs the question of the employment outlook, a just transition, economics and plain logic in the South African context. South Africa has already warmed at around twice the rate of global warming.

Protests are planned and will continue through the week and along the entirety of the eastern seaboard. Please keep close to our FB and social media sites for events listed.

Please remember that the CGG Services survey is still open for public participation.The CGG Services survey has the potential to knock out our squid / chokka fishery. 

The more voices that object the better. Sign the petition which is trending on – We Object to Shell and CGG Seismic Surveys on RSA Coast! It should reach 150 000 signatures by tonight.

Also register as an interested and affected party for BOTH surveys.

Email: or 

WhatsApp / SMS: 063 900 5536 

Insist on confirmation and chase up that you are now an Interested and Affected Person (I&AP), then send through your objections or comments

Earlier this week

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  1. As a Environmental Engineer, I oppose the continuation of searching for oil and gas in our oceans. The minister Gwede Mantashe, is an uneducated criminal who is selling our oceans to the best bidder. We will not allow Shell or any other company to ruin our marine life. Currently we have Seals convulsing and dying by the thousands. This is probably comjng from their current tests in our ocean.


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