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Our Campaign

We understand the critical role social media can play in mobilization, empowerment, shaping opinions, and influencing change by spreading awareness or organizing actions. We believe in people power


Last year we petitioned and challenged the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Dr. Edna Molewa, in a letter ( see the 5456 signatures on asking her to reinstate Environmental Impact Assessments for seismic surveys. She evaded the issue saying that EIA’s were required for exploration and extraction stages. What we were asking was: Why were those for the reconnaissance stage, or seismic surveys, removed? We are drafting a rebuttal to demand action and we look forward to your support.

Voting, letters and petitions to ministers and parliament can force parliament to consider our concerns for the sea. The coalition also understands that well-orchestrated collective boycotts, marches, sit-ins and nonviolent confrontations can bring about real environmental change.



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