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Shell’s Environmental Management Programme Documents

Oceans Not Oil requested all the documents to show that the Shell survey has undergone a form of public participation. These documents were sent to us – see the Dropbox links below – and SLR’s message to us. Please be aware that Shell acquired this application from ImpactSA.

Our networks are exploring ways to stop this survey from happening. In the meantime please keep sharing the petition, boycott Shell consumer outlets and be aware of our objection campaign which will launch later today (11 Nov 2021)

“Please note that Shell (the Operator) is planning to undertake this seismic survey off the East Coast under an approved Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) which has undergone public consultation as part of the 2013 EMPr process undertaken in terms of the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act and as part of the 2020 EMPr compliance audit process undertaken in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2014.  As per the EMPr requirements, a 30-day seismic survey notification was distributed to the public. SLR Consulting was appointed by Shell to distribute this notification on its behalf. 

All comments received will be collated and shared with the Operator. The relevant approved project documentation is available for download at the below links. “


5 thoughts on “Shell’s Environmental Management Programme Documents Leave a comment

  1. My name Ntsindiso I’m depending on fishing for livelihoods if Shell and government allow to continue with blasting in the ocean I don’t know what other option to have access for the livelihood #WhoStoleourOcean #Renewable Energy
    #Fishing is the Solution for livelihood


  2. I beg of you to withdraw your seismic testing on the untouched wild coast which is brimming with life.
    You will have a negative impact on not only marine life and phytoplankton but on people who are living sustainably.
    You really are not welcome here.


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