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Shell to blast the Wild Coast during Whale Migration Season

At a time when world leaders are making promises and decisions to step away from fossil fuels because climate science has shown we cannot burn our existing reserves (let alone drill for more), offshore oil and gas Operation Phakisa is pushing ever harder to get its hands on a local supply of gas. Shell must answer for how the harms done during this survey and any exploration drilling done hereafter are part of its energy transition plan to control global warming.

Below you will see the notice that was placed today( 2 Nov 2021).

Project Reference: 720.19161.00001 File Ref. Shell Transkei Survey Notification Letter 29Oct21

29 October 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,


Notice is hereby given that Shell Exploration and Production South Africa has appointed Shearwater GeoServices to commence with a three-dimensional (3D) seismic survey within its Transkei Exploration Area off the East Coast of South Africa from the earliest on 01 December 2021.

The survey will be undertaken under Exploration Right 12/3/252 and will cover an area of approximately 6 011 km2 located roughly between Port St Johns and Morgans Bay. The survey area is located more than 20 km from the coast at its closest point in water depths ranging between 700 and 3 000 m (refer to locality plan in Attachment A). It is anticipated that the seismic survey would take in the order of four to five months to complete, depending on weather and current conditions.

Under the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, a seismic survey vessel that is engaged in surveying is defined as a “vessel restricted in its ability to manoeuvre”, which requires that power- driven and sailing vessels give way to a vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre. Vessels engaged in fishing are kindly requested to, so far as possible, keep out of the way of the seismic operation. Furthermore, under the Marine Traffic Act of 1981, a seismic survey vessel and its seismic array is protected by a 500 m safety exclusion zone.

Capricorn Marine Environmental has been appointed to provide the Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO), Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) services for the duration of the survey. Should you have any queries on the above, or require any further information on the planned survey, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Your sincerely,

Eloise Costandius

SLR Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd Email:

SMS / WhatsApp: 063 900 5536

Notification in the Daily Dispatch 2 Nov 2021

458 thoughts on “Shell to blast the Wild Coast during Whale Migration Season Leave a comment

  1. This is outrageous. We have been thoroughly informed about the negative effect we as humans have on the planet by these very same actions. I object in the strongest terms.


  2. Under no circumstances can this be allowed to happen on our magnificent coast line.
    I object wholeheartedly to this rape of our oceans and sea life.


  3. Just as hundreds of ordinary civilians raced in their boats to rescue British and French soldiers during the Battle of Dunkirk, every single boat owner along the Wild Coast should be out on their vessels on Dec 1, barring Shell’s survey vessel from the area between Port St John’s and Morgan Bay. This would make for international headlines and give our pristine coastline the viral attention it deserves. It is an absolute scandal that Shell’s survey follows so closely on the Cop26 talks in Dublin.


  4. This has been managed in an extremely underhand way with the public only now finding out what is being planned.
    This will destroy the area as well as sea life at a time when the planet is already on its knees. This is disgusting and
    should not be allowed to go ahead. It is pure greed. Shame on you Shell and all your cohorts !


  5. Our environment is under stress from all spheres of us human behaviour. To allow Shell to distroy our beautiful Wild Coast is criminal at the very least.


  6. It is traumatising to both society and creation when animals and the environment are disregarded and treated badly. Not everything revolves around money, morals create a happy, healthy society. We have to stand up for what is right.


  7. Please
    Leave the Wildcoast alone. It is a majestic area rich in Cultural and Ecological heritage. Let us leave it as it was made. Respect the area and preserve our pristine coast.


  8. This survey will cause material and significant harm to one of the Worlds most important Marine habitats, one which is also a important migratory route, breeding and feeding ground on which many species of fish, mammals and birds.

    It is one of the most beautiful places that I have been lucky enough to explore.

    Permission for the survey, with the inevitable damage it will cause should be denied.


  9. We have an absolute duty as human beings to protect our sister and brother creatures; our mother earth , the purity of our air and water.


  10. There is no need for Shell to start blasting the wild coast of South Africa for so called exploratory blasting. Fossil fuels are not the way of the future, and are been limited and stopped all over the world. This proposal is being done in a pristine section of marine life and the 5 months of incessant blasting will cause irretrievable damage to the environment and Marine Life. The migration of the whales over this period of time is catastrophic for them. Shell do not have a great record to manage any exploration and protecting the natural environment, other similar explorations have seen oil spills as well a devastation to marine environment. The must be banned and stopped as the physical world needs to be left in a state that we are proud to hand over to the next generation.


  11. This is my world being invaded, shamefully and against the very recent global decision by nations to stop such short sighted exploratory work. Work to find new solutions instead!


  12. When you’ve inserted your airguns up you own backsides and used them there every 10 seconds 24/7 for 6 months, and you come awaý with no side effects or damages then let’s talk again!

    What give a you the right to destroy our precious oceans and sea creatures!
    May your seismic vessels and equipment be destroyed by an act of God! As it is His earth and creatures you seek to destroy with your wanton greed!


  13. When you’ve inserted your airguns up you own backsides and used them there every 10 seconds 24/7 for 6 months, and you come awaý with no side effects or damages then let’s talk again!

    What give a you the right to destroy our precious oceans and sea creatures!
    May your seismic vessels and equipment be destroyed by an act of God! As it is His earth and creatures you seek to destroy with your wanton greed!


  14. Please prevent Shell from destroying our natural heritage and keep our government accountable and the ministers signing off on this. We can not afford to destroy our tourist attractions and natural environment for a short term exploration and long term destruction.


  15. I strongly object to this project. it will ruin whats keft of marine life, the seas are already depleting with the over fishing in all country water by the 17 000 vessels from china
    this does not even take into account all the other iilegal and legal fishing around the world,
    more gas equals more plastic. Cut back on the use od gas. Its the the b all and end all of civilisation.
    shell is contributing to the world climate destrction.


  16. do not kill our sea life with tests carried out by Shell on our shores .Every South African should vote to stop this crime


  17. I object in the stronest way-How do you expect me to support your brand when your actions are intent to destroy everything we hold dear. There must be another way


  18. I don’t approve of blasting the seafloor along the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape in search of oil and gas. We must preserve the wildlife we have left for future generations.


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