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Shell to blast the Wild Coast during Whale Migration Season

At a time when world leaders are making promises and decisions to step away from fossil fuels because climate science has shown we cannot burn our existing reserves (let alone drill for more), offshore oil and gas Operation Phakisa is pushing ever harder to get its hands on a local supply of gas. Shell must answer for how the harms done during this survey and any exploration drilling done hereafter are part of its energy transition plan to control global warming.

Below you will see the notice that was placed today( 2 Nov 2021).

Project Reference: 720.19161.00001 File Ref. Shell Transkei Survey Notification Letter 29Oct21

29 October 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,


Notice is hereby given that Shell Exploration and Production South Africa has appointed Shearwater GeoServices to commence with a three-dimensional (3D) seismic survey within its Transkei Exploration Area off the East Coast of South Africa from the earliest on 01 December 2021.

The survey will be undertaken under Exploration Right 12/3/252 and will cover an area of approximately 6 011 km2 located roughly between Port St Johns and Morgans Bay. The survey area is located more than 20 km from the coast at its closest point in water depths ranging between 700 and 3 000 m (refer to locality plan in Attachment A). It is anticipated that the seismic survey would take in the order of four to five months to complete, depending on weather and current conditions.

Under the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, a seismic survey vessel that is engaged in surveying is defined as a “vessel restricted in its ability to manoeuvre”, which requires that power- driven and sailing vessels give way to a vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre. Vessels engaged in fishing are kindly requested to, so far as possible, keep out of the way of the seismic operation. Furthermore, under the Marine Traffic Act of 1981, a seismic survey vessel and its seismic array is protected by a 500 m safety exclusion zone.

Capricorn Marine Environmental has been appointed to provide the Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO), Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) services for the duration of the survey. Should you have any queries on the above, or require any further information on the planned survey, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Your sincerely,

Eloise Costandius

SLR Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd Email:

SMS / WhatsApp: 063 900 5536

Notification in the Daily Dispatch 2 Nov 2021

458 thoughts on “Shell to blast the Wild Coast during Whale Migration Season Leave a comment

  1. I object to this criminal act. Will not be supporting Shell at all in the future if they do not desist from this action.


  2. Money money money, no thought for this beautiful unspoilt coastline! Really SHELL can you not do something along the conservation lines and help our already threatened planet, very disappointed that you have no interest in the environment at all, there will be nothing left for your generations to come and all you will have to show will be dirty money!
    Boycott SHELL, no ethics or love for nature!


  3. This is money grabbing to the detriment of those who cannot protest- our wildlife. This cannot and should not be authorised!


  4. I object to this. This is destruction of our natural marine environments, and as caretakers of our environment and our future we must protect this.


  5. This dumb move besmirches the brand name “Shell” to all who know what this plan will do to marine life.



    Douglas Bullis
    Grahamstown, South Africa


  6. This is absolute greed. The only one who will gain from this is Shell. Leave our South African waters alone. You are destroying one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. What are you thinking?


  7. The greedy are circling again as a long time visitor to this beautiful coastline I object in the strongest possible terms to this exploration and to support this will also not use Shell filling stations any longer


  8. Hands off our land, our land belong to us. Politicians aim to enrich themselves they don’t have love of the people at heart they do this because government has supported them in dethroning our King of Amampondo until his last breath


  9. The thought of what this will mean to our marine life is more than nauseating for me to even contemplate!
    As a resident of the Eastern Cape Province, I strongly object to this kind of activity on our coastline. Stop with immediate effect!
    I will be boycotting all Shell Garages and other businesses, with immediate effect and will be actively campaigning against this course of action.
    The whales are already under siege from attack especially from Japan and others who hunt and kill them. Our coastline is one of the few places of relative peace and safety that whales can still enjoy. The sheer terror and horror they will experience when these seismic blasts start going off bombarding them night and day for months on end is just not acceptable for any reason whatsoever. It is just another plan for raping and pillaging resources, that only a few people will benefit from anyway. it will be far more lucrative to invest in the whale-watching industry and less invasive and will conserve rather than destroy.
    I am totally against this kind of planned action.


  10. Shell should be ashamed of themselves. Do they not understand what a huge impact this will have on that area of ocean and it’s inhabitants, from Whales to Invertbrates. DISGUSTING. The South African government doesn’t understand the implications of what they have signed up to. WAKE UP, YOU ARE HELPING TO DESTROY THE EARTH. What if you don’t find anything.? Leave the Ocean alone.


  11. We need the oil.we need the money from oil to protect the was being destroyed long before you bringing youre noncence here.its like the titanuim mining we needed it on the wild us the alternate to bring wild coast to fruitation


  12. Good day, please note that I for one condemn the actions of Shell and stand firm on them being stopped in there tracks from causing such terrible distruction to our coast line and the marine life there in.


  13. We demand that Minister Gwede Mantashe , to cancel and withdraw the Licences and Permits for the prospecting survey and prospecting Drilling by SHELL and the subcontractors. This urgent withdrawel in the next 7 days as legal steps are in the process.


  14. Do not destroy our future for your benefit! Rather find ways to benefit everyone by generating energy from natural sources and desalinating water so we we all have enough.


  15. You are destroying our wildlife, soon we will have nothing. Safe our coastline & wildlife, they are more needed, than your stupid test for nothing other than to destroy & kill.


  16. SHELL you are not endearing your company and it’s products to the majority of world population who appreciate oceans and what lives there – Surely a company with the experience, funds and knowledge does not require the use of Seismic blasting to prove anything. Only thing it does prove is that Shell is a ecological disaster of a company with little concern for the sea life of our great planet. Hang your heads in shame!!!


  17. This should not be allowed. Nature will be around long after us if we leave it alone. Why do we want to kill off and chase away everything so our kids and their kids lose out.


  18. Shell has screwed up the land now they are going to destroy the marine life that is beautiful and serene, a world on it’s own. All for the sake of riches. I will never support a shell service station.


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