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National Paddle Out

Save South Africa’s Coast & Future!

KZN – Durban New Point Beach + Scottburgh Beach + Mtunzini Main Beach
Cape – Simon’s Town Seaforth Beach + Clifton’s 4th Beach
International – Show solidarity with our virtual event

12 June 2021, 7:30am for 8:00 at backline

To celebrate Oceans Day join us in a coastline demonstration against offshore oil and gas. Swim or paddle out to protest the approval of exploratory drilling offshore of Richards Bay and Scottburgh (ENI and Sasol’s application (ER236)).

These companies, with poor safety reputations, were given the go ahead to drill at record depths in the Agulhas Current, known to be one of the strongest in the world. The 6 wells are planned to be between 3,8 – 4,1 km deep offshore Richards Bay and 5,1 km offshore Scottburgh.

These wells risk jeopardising the health of our entire east coast, its coastal and marine ecosystems, tourism, fishery and leisure industries.


  • It has absorbed 90% of greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions, but cannot absorb all the heat added by these emissions.
  • Surface temperature is heating up 24 times faster than a few decades ago and keeps accelerating. 
  • Absorbing CO2 causes water to become more acidic, corroding protective animal shells and corals. 
  • More CO2 affects sea water circulation by slowing it down, causing less oxygen circulating. Without oxygen even more species will die. 

The Minister for the environment’s approval does nothing to protect the already heavily compromised sea, upon which we all rely, nor break down the massive political barriers to decarbonising electricity generation in South Africa.

As South Africans we demand a reduction of emissions by ½ by 2030. We demand Minister Creecy withdraw her approval of ER236 before it’s too late.

For more information on the collective spirit of defiance against RSA offshore oil and gas:

Covid protocols will be followed.

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