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Gas Pipeline Notice of Implementation

This is the Government Notice for implementation (see below from the gov gazette).

These gas pipelines will extend into the sea to the Kudu offshore gas field at the mouth of the Orange River, at the Ubhubesi field on the West Coast, Out to the Brulpadda field off Mossel Bay and into Richards Bay.

If we assess how well maintained our ageing water infrastructure is maintained currently we get a good sense going forward as to how safe these pipelines are going to be. The latest Engen explosion in Durban, too, gives us an idea of what happens when it becomes too expensive for these corporations to maintain ageing valves and pipes and when profits come before safety.

Have the relevant communities through which these pipelines will be laid been advised of the dangers of living with this infrastructure – harmful health impacts include foetal abnormalities, respiratory illnesses, endocrine disruption and cancers?

Enquiries can be directed to Dr Dee Fischer at

Strategic Gas Pipeline corridors
Pipeline corridors

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  1. Notice the “from inland to the coast”, ie Coega. This is only to export fracked gas. South Africa will destroy its environment and not get any benefit at all from the gas! A double-edged wammy.


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