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TEEPSA Well Drilling off Cape Town: The DRAFT ESIA REPORT is open for COMMENT / PUBLIC MEETINGS

TotalEnergies EP South Africa Block 567 (Pty) Ltd (“TEEPSA”) has applied to the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) for Environmental Authorisation (EA) to undertake exploration well drilling in Block 5/6/7 off the South-West Coast of South Africa – between Cape Town and Cape Agulhas, approximately 60 km from the coast at its closest point in water depths between 700 m and 3 200 m. 

Their draft Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report has been made available for a 44-day review and comment period from 24 October to 7 December 2022.

Copies of the full report and Non-Technical Summary are available at the following locations for the duration of the comment period:


The draft ESIA Report is the second document for comment during the ESIA process. Comments on the draft ESIA Report should reach SLR by no later than 7 December 2022 using the contact details below.

SLR Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd

Postal Address: 5th Floor, Letterstedt House, Newlands on Main, Newlands, 7700 Tel: (021) 461 1118 WhatsApp / SMS: 063 900 5536
SLR Website: Data Free Website:


Please click here ( or scan QR Code below to complete the required form to register to attend these public meetings. Please register for the online meeting by no later than 4 November 2022 in order to receive the meeting link.

  • To join the online meeting, you do not need to have a Microsoft TEAMS account. You will, however, need an active internetconnection or mobile data to participate.
  • If you want to join the meeting from a mobile device, you will need to download the Microsoft TEAMS mobile app.
  • For more information on how to join a TEAMS meeting from your desktop (using either the Microsoft Edge or Google Chromebrowser) or mobile device please click here.
  • The meetings will be recorded and uploaded to the SLR’s website and a data free website (details provided below).

Photo Cred: Paul Thomas

4 thoughts on “TEEPSA Well Drilling off Cape Town: The DRAFT ESIA REPORT is open for COMMENT / PUBLIC MEETINGS Leave a comment

  1. These companies will stop distroying our only planet, not before they took everything out of the ground. They do not have any concern for the future generations or on what product they will be living from. It is all about money and who can get the most money. Gready selfish and no respect for our planet.


  2. I don’t support this operation, because at the end of the day it will not have a long term meaningful benefit for the ordinary folk. However, most importantly our environment will suffer irreparable damage, and these giant multinationals and their local political allies will leave our country in tatters once they have milked to their satisfaction.


    • As before, I object to this proposed project, especially the drilling as close as 60km to the coast and in the path of migratory whales.

      I am very concerned that the public meetings were not advertised in the local newspapers or anywhere that the ordinary man in the street would see. Very few people are aware of them and hence the turnout will be poor (as it was for the previous meeting). Many Hermanus residents and regular visitors are against the proposed drilling but have not had the opportunity to voice their views because of the very obscure manner of notifications.

      This smacks of deceit and underhandedness and does not foster much trust in the transparency of the entire project!

      [I have tried to register to attend the meeting tomorrow at Sandbaai but the form is not available. The closing date of 4 November was for the online meeting only. There was no deadline given to register to attend the meetings in person but I will be there.]


      • Hi Arianne,
        We share your concerns. It is very important that your complaint gets put onto the EIA record. Please don’t lose heart and use the forum available to you: The draft ESIA Report is the second document for comment during the ESIA process. Comments on the draft ESIA Report should reach SLR by no later than 7 December 2022 using the email contact details: .


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