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Another Seismic Survey: TGS – Block 1520

Please register as an Interested and Affected Party

As Northern Cape fisher communities are reeling from the barrage of mining applications another 3D seismic survey has been applied for by TGS Geophysical Company (UK) Limited. The area of interest is approximately 57 400 km2 in extent. The proposed project area is located between approximately 256 km offshore of St Helena Bay, extending north along the western coastline to approximately 220 km offshore of Hondeklip Bay. The 3D survey will take in the order of 70 days including downtime.

How will Small Scale Fishers be compensated for loss of income should their harvesting grounds be affected we ask, especially considering there hasn’t been a cost benefit analysis nor a Strategic Environmental Assessment for the offshore oil and gas sector?

It is proposed that a single survey vessel equipped with seismic sources and streamers be used. The proposed 3D survey would be supported by up to 2 escort vessels. The escort vessel will assist in monitoring for and alerting other vessels (e.g. fishing, transport, etc.) about the survey and the lack of manoeuvrability of the survey vessel. 

Please register and comment on the proposed project and application/s. All relevant info documents can be found below. If one can’t download or fill in the ‘Stakeholder Registration Form’ you are still entitled to simply request that you are registered as an Interested and Affected Party by contacting the following:

Contact Person: Andisiwe Xuma
EIMS Reference Number: 1520
Postal Address: P.O. Box 2083; Pinegowrie; 2123
Telephone: (011) 789 7170/ Fax: (086) 571 9047
Additional documentation is available on the Environmental Impact Management Services (Pty) Ltd website at the following link:

Please include the project reference number 1520 in all correspondence.

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