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So Long Searcher!

Fisherwomxn Kiesher Niemand, photo cred: Coastal Links Langebaan

Oceans Not Oil is delighted to announce that Searcher Geodata UK and Searcher Seismic (Australia) are abandoning their permit for reconnaissance in various blocks offshore the Northern and Western Cape. The legal matter brought by West coast small-scale fishing communities, indigenous communities, NGOs Green Connection and Coastal Links Langebaan and other interest groups, against their seismic survey application looking for offshore oil and gas is now put to bed.

This victory is a recognition of the bravery and tenacity of the small scale fishers and their communities and those that worked so very hard to support and stand by them. It is also an acknowledgement that our legal system, in which we place so very much hope, offers the kind of protection for livelihoods and customs, which, in turn, makes pursuing oil and gas with impunity a costly affair.

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