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Gas Master Plan (DMRE) open for Public Comment

Pushing gas energy input from 2.6% of country’s mix to 15.7% by 2030, brings into question costs, market feasibility, operational feasibility and a feasibility schedule that dovetails with South Africa’s absolute peak, plateau and decline greenhouse gas emissions trajectory range commitment….

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) has on Tuesday 14 December 2021, released the Gas Master Plan Basecase report for public inputs.

“The purpose of the basecase report is to establish baseline information for the natural gas sector in South Africa as well as outline the Gas Master Plan roadmap. Such baseline information includes an overview of the gas value chain and regulatory framework. The report also sets the scene for the Gas Master Plan development process.

The Gas Master Plan, once developed, will serve as a policy instrument, providing a roadmap for taking strategic, political and institutional decisions which will guide industry investment planning and coordinated implementation.”

Members of the public and affected stakeholders are invited to provide inputs and/or comments on the basecase report by no later than 31 January 2022.

Written comments can be submitted to


The full Gas Master Plan base case report can be found below:

14 thoughts on “Gas Master Plan (DMRE) open for Public Comment Leave a comment

  1. When is our arrogant, ignorant (yes, Mr Mantashe, I include YOU in this statement) going to understand that gas is NOT the future ! Even if you go onto Google, you will see that ! It’s not rocket science ! The future is renewable energy, but perhaps the government doesn’t understand this yet ? So much for COP 26 ! The South African government should be ashamed of itself for even subscribing to gas (let alone coal) ! Get Shell and all their cronies out of here and away from our pristine coastline that at least offers a furure for our children !


  2. I strongly object to Shell’s seismic blasting on the Wild Coast or any other area of coastline! They need to find other forms of renewable energy and must clean up their act!


  3. Never before has our World been more aware of the need to change from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
    The South African government is lost. It has ruined all the government controlled institutions, Eskom is a joke, SAA has closed down, Post Office is bankrupt etc etc. Why can there not be one sensible minister in our government, who can see that all the government is doing is PRACTICING MISTAKES, over and over. Fossil fuels are outdated. Use the millions of rands that you are going to spend on oil and gas exploration and invest it in wind farms or solar installations which are all SUSTAINABLE. Oil and Gas is not sustainable. Sales of Electric motor vehicles are growing at a rate of 50% p.a. worldwide. We do not want any further exploration for gas and oil in South Africa.


  4. South Africa must consider cleaner, greener, renewables.
    Globally we are tasked to reduce and to eliminate the use of fossil fuels to achieve “Net Zero”.
    Here in S.A. the minister of DMRE and DFFE are clueless on the impacts of oil and gas. They are least concerned of our oceans and the environment. Discussions are only held amongst politicians and CEO’S of big oil companies with little to no participation from the communities.
    We the citizens of this country have a constitutional right to be participative in any changes to the environment. JP


  5. It is ludicrous for the government to be planning to utilize gas (in any form) as an energy resource in these times of climate change.
    It is fossilized thought to use the argument that gas is a clean alternative and so great to be utilized as a transition from coal. Gas is a fossil fuel and is not sustainable nor green energy. There is a finite amount of gas so why spend so much money on developing a system of exploration, extraction, production, storage and supply ?
    It would obviously be better for the environment, humanity, economy to invest money in energy resources that are sustainable and environmentally friendly such as solar power and turbines.
    Please people make your comments and objections.


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