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Coastal Human Chain says Oceans Not Oil

On the 5th of December 69 protest events along the coastline of South Africa formed what journalist Kevin Bloom described as “one of the biggest and most spontaneous public protests in the history of environmental activism in South Africa. If not the biggest”[1]. The reason for the public outcry is simple – the Wild Coast of South Africa holds a deeply meaningful space in South Africans hearts. Much rides on protecting this sea. Not only is it the channel for the largest migration on earth – the Sardine Run, with all the tourism, leisure and fisheries jobs associated with it- but it is revered as a place of ancestral rest. As such it must remain unpolluted and pristine.

Join the chain and sign the petition, which can form an archive of social objection and indicate the kind of responses an updated public participation process might garner if proper environmental impact assessment were done for this outdated 2014 application.

[1]Daily Maverick (Producer). (2021). Big Oil’s Last Blast: Inside Shell’s Wild Coast Sonic Boom [Webinar].

Mark Roach’s latest video covering The People’s Fight against seismic exploration on the Wild Coast, RSA

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