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Making Waves – an IPCC review with Implications for RSA.

South Africa has recently seen the devastation of social unrest, what happens when we run out of food or water?

A startling must watch (below) :-Climate scientist Prof. Francois Engelbrecht reviews the IPCC report and what it means for South Africa’s near- future 2021-2040 and post 2050. Engelbrecht was one of 234 scientists from 65 countries who contributed to this report. Spend the hour needed to soak in how y/our world and our coastline will change.

Oceans Not Oil (ONO) has been calling the state’s ambitions for a gas-driven future involving offshore oil and gas exploration, production and massive gas pipeline infrastructural development – the Gas Master Plan – irrational, inconsistent with our international climate and biodiversity agreements and it now becomes clear how dangerous it will be.

ONO and all its affiliates have also called our environmental minister to halt offshore oil and gas development. LINK

Ghg emissions need to be radically cut by half by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. This reduction needs to be driven from the top by government, urgently, and also from the people who will be affected – all of us – calling for brave and clear leadership going in to COP26.

Image credit: The Wave by Katsushika Hokusai (1829-1833)

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