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Gas-To-Power POWERSHIP Project – Register as Interested & Affected Party.

Notice of EA and AEL Application: The Proposed Gas To Power Powership Project – Port of Ngqura, Eastern Cape

Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions is conducting the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process for the applications for environmental authorisation (EA) and an atmospheric emission licence (AEL), for the proposed Gas to Power Powership Project at the Port of Ngqura, within COEGA SEZ at Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Cape.

Powerships -beware the red arrows

There are a number of activities associated with the construction and operation of a Floating Power Plant and a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Import Facility that may result in environmental and social impacts. At this stage the issues of concern shown below will be addresse as part of the EIA process. Additional issues and concerns will be identified during the public participation process. 

  • The potential impact of noise and air emissions associated with each Project, and what this means for people and the broader environment in the area.
  • The potential impact of the Projects on terrestrial animals and plants.
  • The potential impact of the Projects on marine life.
  • The management of waste during the Project lifespan.
  • LNG production process consumes a considerable amount of energy. The energy return on energy invested calculation is often an omission in the EIA process.
  • Gas infrastructural development further locks in RSA carbon budget, producing more GHG emissions by 2040 than would be consistent with limiting warming to 2°C.

Once again the public participation process for this application is set to be online. The people most likely to be affected by this project are unlikely to afford the device or data to participate online.

Please comment and/or receive further information about the proposed project and the EIA process, please complete the comment and registration sheet or contact Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions by mailing or faxing a letter, or by telephone or e-mail to the consultant as per the contact details below    

Tel 032 946 3213 | F 032 946 0826 M 072 7566 786

Public Online Meeting 13 October 2020: The Proposed Gas To Power Powership Project – Port of Ngqura, Eastern Cape

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