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Worth listening to: The impact of Ocean Drilling and Climate Change

Thanks to Zahid Jadwat from Salaamedia, for TheSpecialFocus interview of environmental scientist Khalid Mather from the Oceans Not Oil campaign.

Listen here:

Mather answers the following questions:

1. Tell us about the impacts of ocean drilling. Are they really that bad?

2. Why have you lobbied the minister of environmental affairs to halt the venture into gas exploration off the KZN coast?

3. What about the economic opportunities that accompany drilling? Especially in such tough economic times, don’t you think we need it?

4. You would remember that a few years ago there was this massive oil spill in Mexico. And of course measures are in place to ensure this wouldn’t happen. Is it one of your fears? Do you believe the assurances that this won’t happen in SA?

5. What are the chances of an oil spill in this instance and what are the consequences of such an occurrence?

6.The Appeals Directorate of DEFF has given the Department, Eni and SASOL’s representatives until 11 November to respond to the all “grounds for appeal” submitted by 47 appellants who include the SDCEA and the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR). What if they respond and they choose to go ahead. What are you going to do?

7. Does climate change exist?8. What will be the effects of climate change on future generations? 

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