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ENI and Sasol to go ahead with offshore oil and gas exploitation on KZN coast —What could possibly go wrong?

The hurried, ‘phakisa’, pursuit of oil and gas exploitation on our coast denies not only the burden of responsibility carried by South Africa in our global ecological plight, but also denies the natural limits and capacity of the environment to absorb the consequences of toxic and radioactive waste, acoustic bombardment, smothering, oiling and Green House Gases.

This is where you come in….

Hundreds of South Africans objected to this. We need thousands to appeal it. Take a stand and fight for our marine environment and the cascading effects of climate change. All appeals are required to be on this template.

Send your Appeal (using the downloadable form) before 30 September 2019.

All appeals must be submitted to the 1) Minister of Environmental Affairs, in English, and copies sent to the 2) Department of Mineral Resources, to the 3) Petroleum Agency of South Africa (PASA) and 4) Eni (the applicant) through one of the following means as per the details below.

It is imperative you (as the appellant) must provide your full contact details, i.e. postal address, telephone and cell numbers, fax number and email address on the template provided.

1. Department of Environmental Affairs

Appeals and Legal Review Directorate

Attention: The Director for Appeals and Legal Review


Post: Private Bag x 447, Pretoria, 0001

By Hand: Environment House, Corner Steve Biko and Soutpansberg Street,

Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083

2. The Petroleum Agency SA

Attention: The Chief Executive Officer


Post: Private Bag x 5111, Tygervalley, 7536

By Hand: Tygerpoort Building, 7 Mispel Road, Bellville, 7530

3. Department of Mineral Resources

Legal Services Directorate

Attention: The Director of Legal Services

Facsimile: 086 710 0877

Post: Private Bag x 59, Arcadia, 0007

By Hand: Trevenna Campus, Building 2C, Corner of Meintjies and Francis Baard Street, Sunnyside.

4. Eni

Attention: Ms. Nicole Lomberg

Eni South Africa B.V.

1st Floor Icon Building, Corner CubeWS

Corner Lower Long & Hans Strijdom Road


Tel: +27 (0)21 412 1582

Cordes, E.E., Jones, D.O.B, Schlacher, T.A., Amon, D.J., Bernardino A.F., Brooke, S., Carne,y R, DeLe,o D.M., Dunlop, K.M., Escobar-Brione,s E.G., Gates, A.R., Génio, L., Gobin, J., Henry, L-A., Herrera, S., Hoyt, S., Joye, M., Kark, S., Mestre, N.C., Metaxas, A., Pfeifer, S. Sink, K., Sweetman, A.K. and Witte, U. (2016) Environmental Impacts of the Deep-Water Oil and Gas Industry: A Review to Guide Management Strategies.Front. Environ. Sci. 4:58. doi:10.3389/fenvs.2016.00058 

For further reading:

Photo credit: Charlie Riedel/AP

2 thoughts on “ENI and Sasol to go ahead with offshore oil and gas exploitation on KZN coast —What could possibly go wrong? Leave a comment

  1. Listen to Greta Thunberg who has the scientific information. She is telling the world that we do not need more fossil fuels. Climate change is now an emergency. So before it is to late those that can need to stop further exploitation for the sake of all people.


  2. ENI and Saso must irrevocably commit to completion of global best practice due diligence and compliance with the findings of the due diligence that is open to public and professional scrutiny by all interested and affected parties.


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