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If you won’t act like adults we will!

Here is scholar Ty Dolloway’s coverage of the Against Unlawful Endangerment March in Umhlanga, Durban. The energy of the youth is palpable, with scholars from all over Durban appealing to the shareholders of Sasol Africa Ltd, namely Allan Gray Investment Counsel, Old Mutual Limited and Investec Asset Management to use their agency and divest from Sasol Africa Ltd because of its litany of environmental violations:
– Sasol’s failure to set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets (Sasol produced over 67 megatons in 2018),
Sasol’s history of high emissions of toxic pollutants (type zero waste which can’t be landfilled) into water systems and the air in both Sasolburg (Free State) and Secunda (Mpumalanga),
Sasol’s seismic airgun blasting and frontier oil and gas drilling in our ocean
And Sasol continues to squander opportunities to mitigate and forestall impacts of global warming by promoting the use of natural gas as a primary fuel in a decarbonisation context.

The marchers believe that Sasol’s shareholders are beholden to them, the youth, and warned that they would be faced with increased civil society opposition to their partnership with Sasol Africa Limited in the imperative to reduce South Africa’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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