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Help! Place your Public Objection before 8 November

Do you want to object to the Sasol/ENI offshore drilling off KZN, but are unsure how to, or what needs to be in the objection? Use this template to help structure your objection.

TEMPLATE_Sasol EIA Application_Oct 2018

The template provides a format for public objection as well as a list of possible issues to object to.

Get your objections in by the 8th November 2018.

Email objections to


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  1. We don’t need Oil Exploration on our Coastlines. Oil companies like BP have already created Dead Zones on the Gulf of Mexico because they have failed to control 4 uncapped wells damaged in a hurricane several years ago. These wells leak thousands of gallons into the Gulf daily and they can’t stop it. We don’t need fossil fuels on South Africa when the World is turning away from them to other cleaner and safer energy. We need to save our sea life…you can’t eat Oil!


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