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Cabinet Approves 20 new Marine Protected Areas for South Africa!

An enormous victory within South African conservation and environmental quarters where cabinet has approved declaration of 20 of the proposed Marine Protected Areas.

An extract from the Cabinet Meeting Statement reads:

B. Cabinet decisions

9. Cabinet has approved the declaration of 20 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as part of the Operation Phakisa: Ocean Economy MPAs Representative Network.  

The benefit of the additional designation will, amongst others, allow for further development of the ecotourism and promotion of access to sustainably managed resources for small-scale fisheries. The proposed designations followed negotiations with all the relevant stakeholders. The MPAs will be published in the Government Gazette.

To read the decision:

Further details to follow…..


One thought on “Cabinet Approves 20 new Marine Protected Areas for South Africa! Leave a comment

  1. That news is too unacceptable to believe! What they gain in finding oil the will lose in Tourism, property values And Marine Life


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