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67850 signatures so far – Wake Up Minister Creecy

Regards public outrage concerning Shell’s December 1 seismic survey, the Daily Dispatch newspaper has our minister for Fisheries, Forestry and the Environment, Barbara Creecy, saying, ” Go to court. I’m not involved.”

67850 signatures and counting are asking that Creecy does take this survey on review, and we’ll give her her day in court.

Thanks to those who are participating in the selfie campaign, thanks to those who are swamping the desks of SLR, environmental assessor and consultants to Shell and CGG, thanks to those who will bulk out the comments and objections to be truly representative of a public participation process that is true to this moment in global warming, and not the climate denialism of 2014.

From small scale fisher co-ops that have recently become Significant Rights Holders, to hoteliers, to those whose livelihoods depend on all that makes the Wild Coast exquisite for tourism, to those who hold these waters sacred, to those who visit and those who live there, to youth who understand that seismic surveys lead to oil and gas production and the pollution, destruction and violence that comes in its wake, the call is loud – ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE!

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  1. This will be devastating to the local tourism and nature in the long run. Big corporations don’t care about our country. They are after money that is all.


  2. Ms Creecy; you have just signed a death warrant on our environment (along with others that you’ve been involved in, like the Powerships). SHAME ON YOU !! You certainly don’t deserve to have your Portfolio (or for that matter, any other one concerning our environment) You have failed the citizens of South Africa !!!


  3. I’m really surprised (and disappointed) that Green Peace is not involved in this debacle ? It’s right up their alley. I’ll be happy to go out on a rubber duck and stop in the path of the survey vessel (they’ve done in in New Zealand; so why not here ??) To hell with so-called “International Regulations”. I’m a retired ship’s Captain and I know how these things work !


  4. How do we force the Minister to hold official public hearings into this?

    This is a vital step to record our objections officially.


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